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In 1998, when we started our adventure, we never gave up pursuing our dreams. Now, all of our achievements that we dream of are living with rightful pride and we continue to dream to always be able to direct the sector.

Our targets are growing, our parents are expanding, our designs are diversifying and our quality standards continue to rise. All our product alternatives that we offer to you with the influence of our world famous business partners, who are riveting our quality and unrivaled by the sector leader, continue to collect their appreciation with their originality and uniqueness.

Your living spaces are excited to make special touches, to reflect your dreams and to support you in highlighting your difference. We support this team, which does not compromise on this enthusiasm and who is the first priority customer satisfaction, by participating in fairs that constantly training our dynamism and guide the world.

Degrape to; company policy aims to grow continuously, to increase rooting and rooting effect. We aim to carry our countrywide awareness beyond the borders of the country with more than 300 dealers we provide with curtain fabric, upholstery fabric, curtain tulle and wall covering products throughout Turkey.

Increasing the points we serve, expanding the Degrape family and pushing the boundaries of quality are always our first goal.

More often, in the hope of giving shape to your dreams...

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