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Add beauty and elegance to your life with Degrape's extensive range of products for your living spaces!
Projects with a Degrape Touch

Degrape with drapery and upholstery fabrics that stamped the places; continues to raise its quality standards with a variety of products with different patterns, colors and textures. With our modern, avant-garde and classical fabrics, your spaces offer a multi-layered depth; we move the decoration perception to a higher point.

World Famous Brands And Endless Options

We offer endless options of brands like Casmance, Arte, Designers Guild, Omexco, Ralph Lauren, Zimmer + Rohde to our customers who want to combine elite tastes with quality. We blend your likes with our products with beautiful colors, designs and textures; we bring out projects that carry traces from you but surpass your expectations.

Marine Breeze with Degrape Difference

Degrape brings you all the shades of the blue, all the sparkles of nature and the unique comfort of peace, every detail gives you a magical comfort. By bringing you a natural, elegant and deep decorating perspective; we are opening a brand new page in your life.

Amazing Venues with Rainbow Colors
Colors, patterns and lines are combined; with our product designs that add natural dynamism to the spaces and at the same time harbor all the colors of nature in the most striking way; we reflect our innovative perspective. For our customers who want to experience and live the difference, we bring the peaceful nature together with the vitality of life. color through pattern; we are proudly presenting our products that make you feel a sense of excellence in design.

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